My Belize Paradise Tour was really worth waiting for! We saw several areas of the country, and received great information on everything a potential expat needs to know: Immigration, QRP program, bank, insurance, real estate, shipping. We met Americans living in several locations.  We all toured condos, lots, and homes for sale in the areas we visited. Myself and the other single woman in our tour were able to look at rental properties in both San Pedro and Placencia--those real estate agents were really helpful and we had so much fun. One tenant even invited us to come in and have a look around! The hotels we stayed at were not luxury resorts, but comfortable with good service and great beach or bay locations. We had marvelous fresh fruit and fish everywhere. I enjoyed it so much, especially the last resort, I didn't want to come home. The tour guides were fun to be with, knowledgeable, kind and responsible, always ready to answer/find/help with whatever anyone needed or wanted. I highly recommend this wonderful tour! Even for people are aren't thinking of moving to Belize but just want to see the country.

Linda H.
Tucson, AZ
May 2015

Bobbi, Julie and I just want to send an official and heartfelt THANK YOU for our Belize Paradise Tour just ended! There is nothing more that we could have hoped for in our experience.  We very much enjoyed our Donna!...and what can we say - as our leader, you're the best! We truly look forward to our future and the terrific new friends we've made. Can't wait to see you all again!

Mike & Julie K

January 2014

I found the trip to Belize arranged by Belize Paradise to be an
excellent overview of the country, culture, their legal and economic
system and the real estate market. There were informative speakers,
tours and explanations of the country which I would not been able to
ferret out on my own.  Finally, we sampled real estate all over the
country but at no time did I feel pressured to buy anything. Instead,
the main thrust of the tour was educational.

Dr. Dan P.
McKinney, Texas
February 2012 (AND again February 2014!

I recently spent over a week in Belize with Bobbi leading our group. There were about 10 of us. Bobbi was extremely helpful and caring right from the first email, throughout the whole tour and even post trip. She got back promptly about any issue or question, showed genuine concern for each of us and ensured our needs were taken care of, accommodating even unusual requests where possible. Bobbi tried to provide variety in the tours and set us up separately with helpful individuals if the interest was there, and modified the tour as needed, due to the interest of the specific group. For instance, a short trip to Mexico was not on the agenda but she made it happen. When we were charged an unexpected fee at the border, she ensured our money was returned AND treated us to a meal in compensation. We ate out together a few times as a group and had fun chatting and getting to know each other and we loved Bobbi's sense of humor and facilitation. Although our group was quite diverse, we shared a common goal of learning more about Belize. Bobbi's sole purpose was to ensure we all maximized our opportunity to do this. When I had to change my accommodation and flight arrangements for the last two days before exiting the country, she quickly and efficiently organized the arrangements in Belize City and helped find a tour guide to the Mayan ruins and to see more of the Cayo District.I heartily endorse Bobbi's tour. For anyone possibly interested in Belize, I can't think of a better introduction to the country than through Belize Paradise Tours

Gloria L.

June 2016

Canadian living in the Philippines


More Tour Testimonials!

We truly enjoyed our tour of Belize and you were so correct when you said we would love Ray. He was great.

He not only made us feel comfortable at all times but he is such a fun guy. All the couples in our group were great folks. Truly a pleasure traveling with all of them. Every day was a new adventure.The people in Belize were so friendly and welcoming. I must mention that Nakita at the last resort we stayed at was a delightful young lady. Staying the few extra days at the end was a bonus. We were able to just relax and enjoy the beach and the pool before packing up to come home.

Walt and Kitty S.

Hobe Sound, FL

November 2015

This tour is the most cost effective way to see key ex-pat areas of the country in a no sales pressure environment. What really makes this all work so well is the tour operator Bobbi, who I cannot say enough good things about. All you have to do is book your tour package with her and get yourself to Belize and bring a little money along for meals. She takes care of everything from that point on, your hotels, interim airfare while in the country and ground transportation. She organizes all the presentations and sets up groups to go out with real estate agents to see properties. Her commitment to her clients is amazing, I suffer from severe pain in my right hip. After a rather long day of travel and then looking at properties and going up and down condo stairs many times, we finally finished for the day and got to the motel to check into our rooms. Without me ever saying a word, she asked the reservationist which people were on what floor, when the lady indicated that I was on the second floor, Bobbi immediately told her to give me her room on the first floor, close to the lobby and she took my second floor room.That gesture told me more about the type of person she is then all the other things I mentioned that she did above.

Russ Z.
Frisco, TX
October 2013


Joining Bobbi's tour of Belize gave us a great perspective on the country that would likely have taken us years to get on our own. Worth every penny spent!  It also opened our new adventure to us. We went home immediately and took the plunge taking early retirement. As much fun and knowledge as we acquired in those eight days with Bobbi's tour, we really didn't FULLY appreciate everything till we moved here ourselves. We finally understood how much effort goes into planning the eight days. Our accommodations were top notch and our van drivers carefully coordinated.We have found the sessions with the bank, immigration, etc. to be something we utilize almost daily. We made some great friends on the tour, but none can equal the friendships made with Bobbi and her assistant, Donna. We consider them family now and we look forward to their future tours just to say hi.

Wayne and Louise P.
Phoenix, Arizona
February 2014

I went on the tour in October 2016. I had done a lot of research on Belize so I had no great surprises, but I did get a great feel for the country. San Pedro was beautiful but a little too busy for me I really liked Corozol but I really wanted to be near a beach. Placencia was perfect I originally thought that I would come here for 6 months to be sure it would be ok but after a couple of months back in Florida I decided to sell everything and move to Placencia. So on April 14 2017[Good Friday] I got on the plane and I love it!  The tour gave me the confidence to take the big step and move here. Bobbi made it so easy to see the country. The seminars gave good information and reinforced what I had researched about Belize. If you are curious about Belize or maybe just want a great vacation you cannot beat Bobbi's tour. The accommodations are all top of the line resorts everything is taken care of- rooms, flights, cabs, tours of potential places to buy or rent with no pressure It was a great time and if I didn't already live here I would go on it again. Thank you Bobbi for helping me change my life.

Joe J.

Englewood, FL

October 2016

Bobbi's Belize Paradise Tours can't be beat! She makes things happen, rain or shine. We appreciated the opportunities to visit with real estate, banking, medical and government professionals in each area.  The flexibility of everyone being able to do their own thing along the way created special memories. Would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you Bobbi. 

Rod and Laura S.

Weslaco, Texas

July 2016