My wife and I have been planning to move to Central America after I retire at the end of this year. We had planned on either Belize or Costa Rica. We decided to go to Belize first. We booked with Belize Paradise Tours and have never regretted it.
After I contacted Bobbi and explained my wife and my intentions, she answered all
the questions and then some. Our host Ray is a fun guy and very knowledgeable of the country. The tour was very informative and fun. We got to see a lot of the
different areas of the country through our itinerary and met many Expats as well as Belizean Nationals. The people that Bobbi set up for our Q & A's were outstanding.
The accommodations where we stayed were first class and the food was great. My wife and I really liked Placencia and plan on locating in that area. San Pedro is great too but just a little to touristy for me but what a fun place. We stayed for ten days and we don't even need to check out Costa Rica. My wife and I both agree that this is a five-star operation. I checked other tour operators and no one can compare with Belize Paradise Tours.

Nick and Cheryl S.
Owasso , OK
February 2015


If you want to learn what life would be like living in Belize, this

is your tour. Having lived as ex-pats in Europe for seven years, we were very skeptical that this tour could possibly answer all the detailed questions we needed addressed. To our surprise, Bobbi has developed a business model that far exceeded our expectations. We met the first day with a banker, a lawyer, an immigration officer, a QRP representative, a doctor and a dentist. We also met real-estate representatives in each of the four cities as well as ex-pats in several locations. These people were all knowledgeable and replied to our most detailed questions. We saw many attractive places to live,got a great understanding of the culture and left Belize with a thorough understanding of the country. It is hard to imagine a better “due diligence” trip than what Bobbi’s tour has to offer. What was a total surprise were all the “extras” Bobbi offered in the way of sight-seeing and just plain fun times. You could not duplicate this trip on your own at twice the price.

Steve and Linda K.
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 2012

The tour was great.  We saw a lot of the country and had a lot of questions answered about Belize. The accommodations where terrific, choice of restaurants outstanding. The guides did a great job of narrating info about the country. Well worth the price of the tour.

William and Marion S.
Joplin, MO
October 2012

Cindy and I had done a lot of research and reading to prepare for our trip to Belize.  Bobbi was a fabulous guide, balancing our interests with those of others in our group as well as balancing our scheduled and free times.  Our Corozal van driver was terrific, providing us with his views on a wide range of local issues and customs (colorfully and with perhaps a bit of exaggeration!).  Most helpful were our visits with expats who have settled in Belize, who shared their experience and answered many of our questions. 
The tour provided us with a very good feel for Belize, the people, the food, the culture, and the variety of potential places to rent or buy.  Plus we had a lot of fun!!  We would highly recommend Belize Paradise Tours to anyone who wants to  explore the option of moving to or investing in Belize.

Bill and Cindy S.

Greensboro, NC

November 2016

Overall, was very happy with the tour. As a person looking for something to buy, it answered most of our questions and gave us lots of reference material to look at. Was also very happy with your suggestion that we wait till we were on site before booking a place to stay for the second week. We were able to move around and check out places we wanted to have a second look at without being committed to one place only. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.

Steve and Lynda C.
Alberta, Canada
October 2012
It was the best! If you want information and a real tour of what is there, this is it! Everyone was so professional, so caring and our tour was tailored to our groups specific wants. Bobbi is a friend for life.

Karen W.
Seal Beach, CA

June 2012

My wife and I only regret in dong Belize Paradise Tour was not doing the 10 day tour instead of the 8 day tour.  We highly recommend you do the ten day tour.  Bobbi the owner operator of Belize Paradise Tours is awesome.  She is very knowledgeable about Belize.  If she for some reason doesn't know the answer to a question she knows the person who will have the answer.  The quest speakers she brings in answered all of our questions about Belize and even gave us information we hadn't thought of.  Bobbi the owner does a great job tailoring the tour to meet your requests.  Bobbi does a fantastic job in bring in the Real Estate people to show homes and property in our price range.  Bobbi has done a great job in balancing the tour too allow you free time to enjoy the beauty of Belize.  But gives you enough information for someone to make a informed decision about relocating to Belize.  My wife tells me I am a cheap skate, I view myself as a person wanting the best bang for my buck.  Belize Paradise Tours gave me the best bang for my buck.

Rockey and Cyndi M.

Washington state

November 2014

When I first saw the advertisement for Belize Paradise Tours I was both excited and skeptical.  Having been to Belize once before, my wife and I knew we wanted to go again and we wanted to see more of the country.  We wanted the opportunity to see if there were places we would want to live part-time after retirement.  So I sent an email to Belize Paradise and started communicating with Bobbi (owner and operator). Bobbi was able to answer all of our questions to our satisfaction and made us feel comfortable booking a tour package. The tour was one of the best package deals we have been on. On the tour we saw at least 5-6 areas of Belize that we would consider living in. We stayed in both high end resorts and very simple accommodations. We also had a great group of people who attended the tour. After participating in this tour, my wife and I decided to purchase a condo and plan on living in Belize 6 months a year after retirement. I would highly recommend Belize Paradise Tours for a cost efficient, stress free, informational, and fun method of researching or just visiting Belize.

Ray and Linda M.
Loveland, CO
February 2011

If you're interested in seeing Belize this is the trip for you!  We just returned from a ten day tour with Belize Paradise Tours.  All you need to do is get there/ Bobbi organizes the tour and takes care of all van, boat and flight transfers, hotel rooms, and other special activities such as snorkeling, massages on the beach, visits to the zoo and Mayan ruins.  She lined up short seminars covering insurance, QRP program, immigration, attorney and bankers. In addition, she arranged for the group to see various properties in San Pedro, Corozal, and Placencia, which included short and long term rentals as well as properties to buy.  There wasn't any pressure to commit!  It simply was to show you around the area and to get a feel for it.  If seeing properties doesn't interest you, then you are free to spend the day on your own to explore.  The tour ran smoothly and efficiently.  Bobbi was not able to accompany us on the tour, but had her assistant, Ray, escort the group. At first, I was a bit skeptical about her not being there, as all of my correspondence had been with her for months.  She assured me that Ray was wonderful and had guided other tours for her.  Ray was indeed wonderful!   He was kind, compassionate and funny and made sure everyone's needs were taken care of.  He continually checked on arrangements during the entire time to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and it did!   We had never been on a group tour for a vacation and thoroughly enjoyed this one!  The weather and food while we were there was a 10!  We never had a bad meal anywhere.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  English is the language so absolutely no barriers when communicating.  My only advice would be that if you have mobility issues this might not be the trip for you The vans nor the commuter planes are wheel chair/handicap accessible.

Fred and Lisa M.

Lansing, IA

February 2015

Belize Paradise Tours was a wonderful experience and provide exactly what we were looking for in a countrywide tour without the bias pressure that comes when someone is trying to sell you something. Bobbi arranged all the lodging, in country air transport, shuttles, taxi, boats whatever we needed to see Belize. She also arranged the meals and arranged for Realtors, business owners, expats and attorneys to talk with us.These tours really are the whole enchilada I really can’t think of a better way to see this amazing country whether you are interested in living there, investing or just enjoying the trip.

Tom and Gail S.
Corinth, Texas
November 2010
We have been on two of Bobbi’s tours, first in April of 2012 and enjoyed that one so much we went back for the December Mayan Tour to celebrate the start of the new Mayan calendar on 12/21/12. If you’re looking for thorough information on life in Belize and want to have a great time in the process, this is the tour you want to take. On each of our tours we have met a great group of people with similar desires and interests, some of which have become dear friends. Bobbi does a wonderful job of combining the fact- finding activities with sightseeing stops in between and some down time too. Do we recommend this tour? You’d better Belize it! Thanks Bobbi for a great time! 

Larry & Adriana B.
Reva, VA
April 2012 & December 2012 Mayan Tour

If you just want a lah-de-dah tour of the country, look elsewhere.  But if you're serious about retiring to Belize or investing in a rental/vacation property and doing your homework and due diligence before possibly making a move or investing here, you will commend yourself for how smart you were to take this tour. My husband and I just returned from the 10 day tour (Nov. 2014).  While the 8 day tour is incredibly comprehensive for those seeking to relocate, I would still recommend the 10 day tour because those first 2 days allow you time in at least 2 locations to do sightseeing (which allows you to compare how each location you visit will differ from one another) and a few other perks, all of which we found informative, helpful and enjoyable.The thing about Belize is that it's NOT the United States so nothing runs on the same frantic timetable we're used (and presumably what we're all trying to get away from by going to Belize in the first place). So if something changes with the itinerary just roll with it. She will do her best to make sure everything happens that's supposed to happen. Bobbi doesn't run the country, she just runs the tour, and she has to roll with the punches (which I saw her do several times a day) for the benefit of all of her group so trust in her that she has your back, because she does. You will not see every square inch of Belize because that's impossible to do even in 10 days, but I can say without equivocation that you will come home with a high degree of comfort that you can make a genuinely informed decision of whether or not Belize is right for your future. Also, I can guarantee that you will NEVER have a bad meal during your entire visit, nor will you ever meet a Belizean who isn't smiling, helpful and friendly. As for Bobbi, she is quite simply a force of nature. Pleasant, patient, accommodating and generous, she sincerely cares about here tour groups and with every visit learns more about how the country works and tweaks the tour to be that much more efficient and educational. She truly pours everything at her disposal into accommodating the particular tastes and priorities of the group, and does everything humanly possible to make sure every tour member gets the most bang for their buck. Bottom line-- go with an open mind and a sense of adventure and I promise you will not regret your decision to go with Belize Paradise Tours!!

Shelli G.

Gaithersburg, MD

November, 2014

I took Bobbi’s tour this past December and it was fantastic!! Very well organized and run. All accommodations were good and the food was great. The tour is definitely geared to introduce you to Belize and provide you with all the information and connections a person would require should they decide to take the plunge and move to Belize. Everyone we were introduced to, be it the lawyer, the banker, the realtors or our Belizean tour guide, all were just so pleasant and informative. Never once did I ever feel pressured by anyone. I had a wonderful 7 days,met some great people, made some new lifelong friends and, in my case, decided to build a new life in Belize!! I will always be grateful that I took this tour with Bobbi from Belize Paradise Tours!! 

Kim H.
Calgary, Alberta
December 2012

The tour was absolutely FANTASTIC!  

As future buyers/residents of Belize, we could not have asked for a better, more extensive tour. Everyone on our tour was looking for their own version of paradise and Belize Paradise Tours checked every box.Some wanted rural living, check! Others, a laid back lifestyle, check! Houses, condos, land, secluded, social, mountains, beach, island, you name it, we saw it. Before we departed for Belize, we thought we had decided on a particular location (thanks Internet), then at the half-way point, we found a new area we adored, but when we reached the last city on the tour, we knew it was for us. That was due, in part, to the previous tour attendees who were now Belize residents. Bobbie arranged a meeting for all of us to sit down with ex-Pats to answer our questions about relocating, culture, importing, daily life, and every Belize-related topic you can imagine.  Bobbie also introduced us to a wonderful group of professionals, many of whom we intend to work with toward our Belize dream. Accommodations were delightful. Each hotel was comfortable, clean and perfectly located for our needs. Bobbie was incredibly organized, so check-in/check-out was done with ease. In-country flights were super quick – boarding, in-flights and deplaning were problem-free. Ground transportation was a bit challenging at times, but we arrived at each destination safely and that’s what is important. No trip is without occasional hiccups. Bobbie handled every problem that came along quickly and with a smile. She is an amazing, multi-nation problem solver!  She went the extra mile every single day. Bobbie shared an enormous wealth of information about every location we visited. Wonderful places to eat & have a good time. She negotiated great rates for cart rental, snorkeling, tours, etc. Her insight, knowledge, and perspective were invaluable.  It is because of her that we are so confident in our decision to move to Belize. Taking this tour convinced us that our dream of early retirement is indeed possible, and we hope to make it happen soon.

Kevin and Amy

June 2017

This was our first trip to Belize and it was a wonderful tour.  We got the information we hoped for and looking over the different locations with Bobbi’s knowledge was very helpful. The accommodations and food were great. (Too much food!)  If you are planning a trip to Belize and thinking of moving there I highly recommend the tour.  We picked a perfect time to go as far as the temperature and rain.

Bob and Shari L.
January 2012
Just a note about Bobbi. She is a great tour operator. Very knowledgeable about the country, where to go and what to see. She takes care of all the details. Hotel, food, snacks in the van. I am retired. I was looking for a place to retire in an English speaking country. So I wanted a tour that showed me the entire country. The country is safe, the tour was enjoyable. We did see some real estate, which is good to know whats available. But to really know where you want to live, you have to make another trip and stay. If you like San Pedro, make another trip to San Pedro and stay for a week or two. If you like Placencia, return and stay a while . It was a great informative trip. A lot to think about after the trip. and you leave with so much information. The rest is up to you. Does it sound like I enjoyed the trip, I did. Good luck. Take the trip. Its well worth it.

Michael S.
Hollywood, FL

January 2012